We make sense of taste.®

Opertech Bio is a service-based business offering its customers a pioneering approach to measuring taste, a multi-billion dollar market covering the food and beverage, flavor ingredients, pet food, and pharmaceutical industries.

TāStation™ Demo | Opertech Bio

TāStation™ Demo | Opertech Bio

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Our patented TāStation® (Taste + Station) technology is an entirely new approach to taste testing and measurement.


The TāStation® system is an automated high throughput system with the capacity to determine the taste characteristics of hundreds of samples in less than an hour.

Taste Testing

Testing with the TāStation® system does not rely on subjective rating scales of taste sensation, as is the case with traditional methods, and can be statistically powered with as few as 4 subjects.


The TāStation® system is faster, more accurate, and requires fewer resources, adding up to more informed decision making and faster product development timelines.


Opertech's clientele includes some of the world's largest and best known food and beverage, consumer healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies.


We work with these companies to evaluate the taste of new ingredients, measure palatability, and optimize flavor formulations.