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Opertech Bio Receives Fourth U.S. Patent Covering Pioneering Approach to Taste Testing & Measurement

PHILADELPHIA, PA – January 28, 2020 - Opertech Bio, Inc., a company that has pioneered a new, highly efficient and cost effective approach to sensory evaluation, today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,542,926, the Company’s fourth U.S. patent encompassing its proprietary high throughput sensory discrimination technologies. Opertech Bio’s intellectual property portfolio also includes 7 foreign patents.

Opertech Bio’s technology platform presents a ground-breaking approach to the quantification of chemosensory characteristics of novel compounds, flavor ingredients, or new formulations that surpasses the shortcomings of traditional taste testing. All models of the system (engineered for both humans and animals) operate under a common set of unique principles:

Automation: Every aspect of the platform is automated—sample delivery, recording a subject’s responses, data storage and analysis—minimizing the variability and mistakes due to manual operations that normally occur in traditional taste tests.

High Throughput: Opertech has invented and developed the first high throughput taste evaluation system, with a capacity for evaluating hundreds of samples in a day. Sample volumes typically are less than a milliliter, minimizing the costs of ingredients needed for testing and dramatically reducing any potential exposure risks to subjects.

Data-driven Process: The high throughput nature of our taste evaluation systems enables the rapid generation of large, robust datasets. As a result, only a few subjects are needed for any given test. Each system automatically moves the data from all tests, along with subject variables and details on samples and test protocols, into a database where it can subsequently be mined and analyzed through directed queries.

Objective Measurement: All Opertech systems are designed for objective measurement of taste—no subjective ranking scales or verbal reports.

Experimental Flexibility: All sensory measurement systems are designed to accommodate as many configurations of experimental design as possible. Opertech’s TāStation® (Taste+Station) is the most advanced in this respect, with its capacity to simultaneously measure multiple dimensions of taste properties.

Opertech Bio’s technology efficiently provides robust results—low variability and high repeatability—with rapid turnaround.

About Opertech Bio, Inc.

Opertech Bio has developed a pioneering approach to measuring taste, a multi-billion dollar market covering the food and beverage, flavor ingredients, pet food, and pharmaceutical industries. Opertech Bio’s technology can be used to discover new flavor ingredients, measure palatability and optimize flavor formulations. For more information, please visit the Company's website at


Opertech Bio:

Scott Horvitz

Chief Executive Officer

(267) 534-3248

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