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robert eilerman

Dr. Robert Eilerman

Flavor Science Consultant


Robert Eilerman has more than 38 years of flavor and fragrance industrial experience with Givaudan SA. He was Head of the Global Science & Technology organization in the Flavor Division from 1997 until his retirement in 2012. Prior to that, he led an international flavor development team responsible for applied research and creation and application technology. He brings extensive expertise in a number of areas including discovery, synthesis and biogeneration of aroma and taste ingredients, flavor performance enhancement through development of delivery technologies, expanded knowledge of flavor/product matrix interactions, new flavor creation tools, and sensory science methodologies to optimize flavor perception. He has demonstrated the unique ability to translate business objectives and consumer insight into actionable technology strategy. 


Dr. Eilerman has been a key driver for the establishment of alliance networks to unlock the innovation potential of external partnerships. He also served as a member of the International Advisory Board of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.  

Robert Eilerman graduated from the University of Rochester with a doctorate in Organic Chemistry. He is currently an independent science consultant.


Dr. Anthony J. Clark

Founder and Principal, Acsentek Consulting


Dr. Clark is a thought leader in R&D innovation. He is experienced in monetizing technology and successfully bridging between business and R&D. In his many years as an R&D executive, Dr. Clark has gained key strategic technical insights into driving business success in the Flavor and Fragrance arena. He has held the positions of VP Biotechnology and Open Innovation, IFF, VP Product Development, Chromocell Corp., Leader of Long Term Research Group, PepsiCo and Vice President of Corporate R&D, Firmenich.


Dr. Clark has developed receptor biology and sensory capabilities of screening and identifying taste modulators for sweet, salt and bitter, and brought to market several F&F ingredients; diverse tastants (flavor modulators), natural chemicals and antibac formulations. As an industry expert in synthetic biology, Dr. Clark has also designed, scaled-up and transferred to production several processes and has had technical oversight of the commercial launch of the fermentation-derived ingredients, such as vanillin NS, the largest production of a flavor ingredient using advanced biotechnology techniques.


Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Dr. Clark completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Dundee and gained his PhD from the University of Leeds. He has an MA from Cambridge where he was the Maude Broodbank Fellow at Girton College.

jane leland

Dr. Jane V. Leland

Food/Flavor/Taste Science Consultant

Dr. Leland is an international food industry leader with over thirty years of taste, flavor, and food research and development experience. She formed Leland Global Enterprises LLC in 2016 after retiring from Kraft Foods, where she rose to the position of Technology Fellow in recognition of her technical and organizational leadership, pioneering R&D partnerships to address challenging food/public health concerns, and track record of building strong relationships and results across cultures and geographies. She is well-versed in fundamental research and new product development, bringing expertise in:

  • Taste science (taste biology, taste modulation, receptor cell-based discovery)

  • Flavor/aroma science (isolation, characterization, partitioning, release, off flavor problem solving)

  • Sensory science

  • Sodium, sugar, fat reduction

  • Food science

  • Innovative public-private research partnerships

  • Technology and program management


Leland became a Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in 2014. She also serves as a U.S.D.A. research panel reviewer, and recently completed a Cornell Institute of Food Systems Advisor term.


She holds a B.S. in Food Science and a Ph.D. in Flavor Chemistry, from Cornell University and University of Minnesota, respectively. She currently consults primarily with small to medium for-profit and non-profit organizations.

richard barndt

Dr. Richard L. Barndt

Food & Regulatory Science Consultant


Dr. Barndt’s career has spanned 38 years in food texturizer and artificial sweetener ingredient segments. Most recently, he lead the global Product Assurance and Regulatory Affairs function at Ingredion Incorporated (previously National Starch Food Innovation until purchased by Corn Products in 2010), from 2004 until his retirement in 2016. Dr. Barndt began his career at National Starch & Chemical Corporation in the Food Starch Division in a technical service role before moving into the corporate regulatory affairs position.


Prior to rejoining National Starch Food Innovation in 2004 he led a food and beverage development function for Redpoint Bio, formerly Linguagen Corporation, in the field of taste signaling technology.


Dr. Barndt’s experience with artificial sweeteners began with a 16-year period with McNeil Specialty Products Company where he led the Product Development and New Business Technologies functions. Richard played an important role in the FDA regulatory approval process of Splenda® Brand Sweetener by directing key stability, sensory and applications testing. He also contributed to its commercial market introduction through customer technical support and development of the popular consumer packet and granular products.


Dr. Barndt also headed an innovation, regulatory and scientific affairs function at Nutrinova Incorporated where he helped to obtain FDA general use approval for acesulfame K artificial sweetener.


His skill set is comprised from experience in the food ingredient product development, technical service, scientific affairs, technology scouting for new business technologies and regulatory affairs business segments. Throughout his career, he has also represented the business interests of his employers on several trade associations.

Dr. Barndt is a graduate of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, with Masters and Doctorate degrees in Food Science, and a Bachelor in Food Science from the Pennsylvania State University.


He is currently an independent consultant to the food industry.

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