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Opertech's clientele includes some of the world's largest and best known food & beverage, consumer healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies.

Opertech Bio’s technology can be used to discover new flavor ingredients, measure palatability and optimize flavor formulations. Our technology enables our customers to make informed decisions, which can lead to accelerated product development timelines.

TāStation® Testing Services

Faster, more accurate, and requires fewer resources


  • Pharmaceutical Taste Assessment Trials

    • Rapid and direct assessment of taste properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients using minute quantities

    • Total amount of API required for an entire taste test is a small fraction of a typical daily dose

  • Discovery of Novel Flavor Ingredients

    • Ideal for evaluation of new tastants, enhancers, and blockers

  • Flavor Optimization

    • Combinatorial strategy for development of best-tasting ingredient mixtures

  • Quality Assurance

    • Detection of off-tastes

  • Taste Acuity

    • Quantification: Identify who are the best taste testers

    • Training: Improve a person's taste-detection performance

  • Data Mining

    • Taste sensitivities and preferences across demographics

TāStation® Flexible Business Models

Achieve optimal arrangement for client's objective


  • Fee for Service

    • Taste evaluation of new tastants, enhancers, blockers, and formulations

    • The TāStation® system is portable

      • Client provides samples for testing at Opertech or:

      • Opertech brings the TāStation® system to client for taste testing at their location

    • Taste acuity training and quantification

  • TāStation® Licensing

    • Apparatus and software


We offer our customers a pioneering approach to measuring taste.


Taste Testers

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MOG is an entirely new approach to taste testing, evaluation, and measurement.


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