The cMOG

How the cMOG Works


MOG technology currently is being adapted to accommodate both cats and dogs. This apparatus will be designed as a recreational play station that will capture data with respect to taste evaluation. MOGs for companion animals deliver small samples in rapid succession by means of a multi-well plate.


Operant conditioning techniques are used to train the animals to compare test samples to a standard for taste quality measurement, and lick rate gives the indication of palatability. As with the rats, only 4 companion animals will be needed to conduct a test since hundreds to thousands of data points can be collected in a very short time frame. Accordingly, cMOG will be able to directly quantify the taste preferences in the target population, a strong incentive for pet food companies to use this technology.


We offer our customers a pioneering approach to measuring taste.


Taste Testers

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MOG is an entirely new approach to taste testing, evaluation, and measurement.


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